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Strong fends off second attempt to delay SPACECOM decision

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Dale Strong staved off a second attempt to leverage this year’s defense bill to delay the announcement of the permanent location of Space Command headquarters.

Two amendments were filed by the Colorado delegation that would have potentially allowed SPACECOM to continue development of the temporary headquarters in Colorado Springs. 

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However, both were withdrawn during a review by the House Rules Committee.

“These amendments are not in the best interest of America’s national security, and I was glad to see them withdrawn from consideration,” Strong (R-Huntsville) said.

“If Secretary Kendall hasn’t decided where Space Command is going to be permanently located after over two and a half years, he shouldn’t be traveling and definitely shouldn’t be spending taxpayer money to build up a temporary home.”

The withdrawn National Defense Authorization Act floor amendments followed Strong’s success in thwarting an attempt to remove language included in the bill during the House Armed Services Committee markup last month.

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The bill proposes to freeze permanent and temporary military construction funds for SPACECOM and reduce the Secretary of the Air Force’s travel budget by 50%. Those measures will be in place until a final decision regarding the combatant command’s headquarters is made. The bill does not prescribe a decision in favor of a particular location.

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