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Strong: ‘Ukraine is winning this war’

HUNTSVILLE — As the one-year anniversary of Russia’s “72-hour special operation” in Ukraine nears, the Ukrainian military has experienced amazing success on the battlefield.

From the outset of the conflict, the United States has provided funding, training, and weapons for the defense of Ukraine.

“Ukraine is winning this war,” said U.S. Rep. Dale Strong. “Russia never saw what they were getting into with the Ukrainian people.”

At a meeting in his Huntsville district office Wednesday, Strong (R-Monrovia), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, addressed the war on Ukraine and what his concerns are going forward with supporting the country, as well as its effect on the U.S.

“I want know number one, what we’re going to do about America,” Strong said. “I understand that we are helping Ukraine knock back the Russian military, but my concern is about America.”

One of the concerns is the depletion of the American military stockpiles.

“My concern is being sure that the U.S. military has the weapons that they need if we have to enter into any war or conflict and right now we are using a lot of hardware in other locations,” he said. “I want to get that stockpile built back up because you never know when that situation may present itself.”

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