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Summit 7 unveils solutions to protect DoD supply chain

HUNTSVILLE — Summit 7 is offering security solutions for defense contractors. The Huntsville-based company provides cybersecurity and compliance solutions for the aerospace and defense industries.

The revamp of its managed services offering, Guardian, and the release of its managed security services offering, Vigilance, complements its 2020 U.S. security in compliance partner of the year award and the 2022 U.S. compliance partner of the year award.

“The future of the United States rests on the backs of manufacturers that support the US Department of Defense,” said CEO Scott Edwards. “Summit 7 feels that it is its duty to provide comprehensive managed services and managed security services as ongoing solutions to continue helping companies protect our frontline, especially with the constantly evolving cyberattacks on our nation.”

Guardian MSP specializes in providing comprehensive IT security solutions. It is designed to protect from internal and external threats and offers features to ensure systems’ safety.

Benefits include 24/7 monitoring, ongoing risk assessment and recommendations, continuous security patching, alerting, and reporting.

Vigilance MSSP specializes in providing comprehensive threat scanning solutions for businesses of all sizes, including managed firewall and intrusion prevention, web and email security, end-point security, threat intelligence, managed security monitoring, managed VPN, and identity and access management.

The new offerings are designed to help defense contractors meet their compliance requirements while also reducing their overall costs.

Summit 7 also offers an approach to cybersecurity that enables customers to focus on their mission while still meeting all required regulations.

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