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The apple of their eye: Hampton Inn & Suites Research Park honored

HUNTSVILLE – Apple Hospitality real estate investment trust just awarded the Hampton Inn & Suites Huntsville Research Park two prestigious Apple Hospitality awards.

The Hilton-branded hotel was chosen for the 2022 Annual Shining Apple Award for its outstanding contributions to the industry.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Research Park is managed by LBA Hospitality and 17-year veteran Apple Hospitality hotelier, Christopher “Neal” Obert.

“Receiving the 2022 Shining Apple Award is an incredible honor, and it validates the hard work and dedication our team has put into creating memorable experiences for our guests,” said Obert. “The award acknowledges our consistency in excellence across the performance metrics and the bottom-line performance motivates us to continue striving for the highest standards of service.

“It was a privilege to lead such a talented team and work with an organization that values excellence and guest satisfaction. This award would not have been possible without the collective efforts of every team member, and I am incredibly proud of their commitment and professionalism.”

The hotel on Cabela Drive also won a 2022 Quarterly Shining Apple award for having the highest ranking for the first quarter of the year, coming off the pandemic.

Both awards are presented to the hotel that ranks the highest among Apple Hospitality REIT’s hotels, based on balanced scorecard metrics.

Apple Hospitality’s portfolio consists of 96 Marriott-branded hotels, 119 Hilton-branded hotels, four Hyatt-branded hotels and one independent hotel.

The Hampton Inn won the awards for consistency in excellence across all performance metrics and a strong bottom-line performance for the year.

“I think the Apple awards is also a testament to the leadership of our management company, LBA Hospitality, and our ownership in their commitment to our success,” Obert said. “Their dedication to creating an environment where excellence thrives has allowed us to consistently exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results.”

In addition to the recognition, the hotel also received a $2,500 check.

“We used that to take the entire staff to the Main Event at Bridge Street for dinner and drinks and a night of bowling to thank them for their commitment to excellence,” Obert said.

Justin Knight, CEO of Apple Hospitality, said they work with some of the best management companies in the industry and are incredibly grateful for their dedication to serving our guests while maximizing bottom-line performance throughout the year.

“The associates and management teams at our hotels go above and beyond to care for and serve our guests,” he said. “With steady recovery in our business and more stabilized operations, we are pleased to bring back our Management Company of the Year and Shining Apple Awards.

“I congratulate our 2022 Apple Award recipients and thank our management companies and all the associates at our hotels for their commitment to hospitality and excellence.”

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