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Tips to prepare your home for summer weather

With those hot, Alabama summer months right around the corner, Huntsville Utilities is sharing its tips to help keep your home cool and efficient.

Nothing impacts your energy use — and therefore, your utility bill — more than the weather. Specifically, the outside air temperature.

According to Huntsville Utilities, there are many simple things you can do to prepare your home for summer weather.

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Two degrees = 5% savings

Keep an eye on your thermostat. We always tell people to set it as high as you COMFORTABLY can. Don’t put your health at risk. Typically, every two degrees on your thermostat equates to 5% savings (i.e., setting it at 74 instead of 72 saves you 5%).

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Counterclockwise in summer months

Fans (ceiling and floor). Fans use very little energy and can make a room feel five degrees cooler than the actual temperature. For ceiling fans, make sure they are spinning counterclockwise.

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Shades down

Curtains and blinds. Keep them shut, especially on east and west facing windows. Trees, awnings, window tinting, and solar screens are also cost effective because they prevent direct sunlight from getting into your home.

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Close the door

Keep the door closed. Contrary to popular belief, most storm doors are not effective barriers for heat transfer. Keep the main door closed.

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Check your filters

AC filters. Clean or change them once a month, especially during heavy usage months. Dirty filters can decrease comfort, cause your unit to run less efficiently, and can shorten the long term life of your AC.

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Have your AC checked/serviced

Remember that ACs do more than cool the air, they also use energy to remove moisture. Use bath, kitchen, and laundry room exhaust fans when possible during the summer to help keep that moisture down. Gutter extensions will also help keep rainwater away from the house, and if you have a crawlspace, make sure a plastic sheet covers 100% of the ground area.

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Attic Doors

If your home has an attic access door or pull-down stairs located in an air conditioned part of the house, make sure that access door is insulated and weather stripped.

(Huntsville Utilities)

Additional resources

You can find these and other money saving tips on the Smart Consumer Tips page of Huntsville Utilities website, and follow Huntsville Utilities on social media all year long for more energy efficiency information.

Remember, you can monitor your home’s electric usage through the My Account section of the website. This video shows you how.

Huntsville Utilities has an award-winning web show called “HUTV: Huntsville Utilities Television.”  The program takes a deeper dive into these and other utility-related topics.

Check out the episode on how the outside air temperature impacts your energy use.

Huntsville Utilities (HU) is a Public Utility owned by the City of Huntsville. We answer only to the people we serve. Decisions are based on what is best for our customers. We do not pay dividends to stockholders. Instead, we provide lower prices to our customers.

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