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Tuberville hold affecting command at Redstone Arsenal

HUNTSVILLE — Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s hold on military promotions in the U.S. Senate has impacted at least one command at Redstone Arsenal.

Lt. Gen. Daniel Karbler’s stay with the Space and Missile Defense Command has been extended by the hold, the SMDC said in a statement.

“The ongoing confirmation holds on military nominees cause unnecessary risks to the readiness of the force,” the statement said. “These holds also impact military families. The inability of senior officers to assume new assignments triggers a chain of events affecting junior officers and military families down the chain of command.

“While we welcome additional time with LTG Karbler as commanding general, we also recognize the impact on him and his family.”

Karbler assumed command in December 2019.

The Public Affairs Office at Redstone Arsenal’s Garrison Command said, “Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is on record describing the broad impact the nominations hold is having on leaders and their families throughout the DOD. 

“Those same impacts are felt here at Redstone where some of our leaders are experiencing both personal and professional consequences.”  

Tuberville (R-Auburn) is holding up confirmations in response to a Biden administration policy directing Department of Defense funds toward out-of-state abortions for troops and their families stationed in states where the procedure is prohibited.

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