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Unclaimed Baggage offers to share the love with lucky couple

SCOTTSBOROIn 2023, the average wedding cost a whopping $30,000. After booking a picturesque venue, locking in a delicious dinner menu and securing a DJ to bring the party, couples are often long on love but short on funds.

Starting Monday, Unclaimed Baggage – Alabama’s popular tourist destination and the nation’s only retailer of lost and forgotten luggage – will kick off “Bling Week,” a 10-day Valentine’s-themed event during which fans will enjoy an expanded selection of must-have brands and bargains.

This year, the retailer is offering a “Complete the Wedding” giveaway where one lucky couple will win up to $2,500 in wedding bands, suits, dresses, shoes and more to complete their picture-perfect wedding.

Whether engaged, married, dating or “just friends,” customers looking to find uniquely perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones will find a deal during Bling Week. The event will take place online and in-store Monday through Valentine’s Day, giving early love birds and last-minute shoppers the perfect opportunity to land the ultimate gift.

“In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to share the love with our guests by rolling out some of our favorite jewelry pieces, handbags and wedding-related finds,” said Jennifer Kritner, vice president of Retail & Company Culture at Unclaimed Baggage.

As a local small business and a fan-favorite of travelers, Unclaimed Baggage finds new homes for items left behind in lost and abandoned luggage. Visitors looking for unique finds with mysterious histories can comb through an expanded selection of jewelry pieces, designer clothes, suits, wedding dresses and bags, including a new in-box Hermès Kelly bag (priced at $19,000) and other luxury purses, all at discounted prices.

“You never know what unique items you’re going to find at Unclaimed Baggage,” said Kritner. “No matter the price-point, guests are sure to find the perfect gift for their special someone!”

Shoppers can find deals, support sustainable practices and spread the love this Valentine’s season. For every item Unclaimed Baggage sells, they recycle or donate another item through Reclaimed for Good, partnering with Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army, Wheels for the World and The Neighborhood Thrift Shop.

For more information about “Bling Week,” visit https://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/blogs/events/valentines-weekend-event-bling-week.

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