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Visiting VA police officer collapses while jogging; Rep. Strong performs CPR

MADISON – Fairfax, Va., police officer Kyle Browne was on a run near the Clift Farm development Saturday morning when he experienced a “significant medical emergency” and collapsed.

The Monrovia Volunteer Fire Rescue received a call the man was having a seizure. It was later confirmed he went into cardiac arrest due to what is believed to be a heat-related heart attack while jogging.

According to reports, U.S. Rep. Dale Strong, who was home in Monrovia, heard the call on his radio. The former volunteer Monrovia firefighter and licensed emergency medical technician arrived, performed CPR and resuscitated Browne.

According to a post by his wife, Courtney on their Caring Bridge page, Browne was visiting  friends and family in Madison when the incident occurred.

He is still in critical condition at Huntsville Hospital with a Huntsville Police Honor Guard at his hospital room door and aiding the family.

According to a post Monday from his wife, Browne is on a “sedation vacation” in which doctors slowly reduce medication to watch his response.

A GoFundMe page has received more than $30,000 in donations.

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