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What a catch! Major League Fishing partners with Fuelz Fleet Card to support angling

GUNTERSVILLE — Guntersville-based Major League Fishing Angler Association, the largest tournament-fishing organization on the planet, snagged a big one this week.

The group announced it is partnering with Fuelz Fleet Card to help reduce the burden of higher fuel costs when member anglers strike out across the country to compete in tournaments. And the two will work to preserve the sport for future generations.

The MLFAA will also join Fuelz to help conserve fisheries so fishing can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The MLFAA sponsors the annual MLF Bass Pro Tour featuring 80 of the world’s best professional anglers.

“The Major League Fishing Anglers Association is excited to announce our partnership with Fuelz Fleet Card,” said COO Matt Kinzer. “We’re eager to support an organization in our own backyard and share the great company of Fuelz with our anglers.”

Professional angler Matt Lee said the partnership was an important strategic move for the league.

“This program is designed to help all bass anglers by lessening our number one expense, fuel,” Lee said. “It’s another program put together by the MLFAA to elevate the sport of fishing. I’m proud to be a board member.”

Fuelz is a division of Trussville’s McPherson Oil.

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