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Acquisition ensures American Carbonyl presence on Arsenal

HUNTSVILLE — Delaware-based American Carbonyl has acquired Ashland’s carbonyl iron manufacturing assets and business lines.

With the acquisition, American Carbonyl continues manufacturing carbonyl iron micropowders and iron pentacarbonyl on Redstone Arsenal.

Carbonyl iron micropowders and iron pentacarbonyl are critical raw materials for the chemical, defense, and metals manufacturing sectors.

American Carbonyl is the sole producer of those materials in the Western Hemisphere.

“We are pleased to complete this acquisition and continue the history of advanced metal powders production at the Redstone Arsenal location,” said Alex Grous, president of American Carbonyl. “We expect to retain the current staff and plan material capital investment to update and upgrade the facility, both of which will help us improve efficiency and enable us to continue supplying the existing customer base seamlessly.”

American Carbonyl plans to expand product and service offerings through innovations in the advanced metal powders sector.

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