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Adtran unveils 64G Fibre Channel solution for DCI

HUNTSVILLE — As connectivity reaches new heights in availability, Adtran said it has found the ultimate one-card solution for seamlessly managing new levels of capacity and security for critical infrastructure and enterprise data center interconnect technology.

Adtran’s FSP 3000 S-Flex 40G muxponder is the first solution of its kind capable of native 64G Fibre Channel transmission over dense wavelength-division multiplexing. It is a fiber optics technology used to increase the bandwidth of existing fiber networks rather than rebuilding or upgrading them, the company said.

The FSP 3000 S-Flex solution is versatile and can boost total transport capacity to 400 gigabits, simplifies operations, and streamlines inventories, the Huntsville company said.

It caters to enterprises’ diverse needs by seamlessly supporting a comprehensive range of DCI and Storage Area Network protocols and speeds. DCI connects two or more data centers together using high-speed packet-optical connectivity.

“We’ve always led the way with SAN innovation and our solutions have supported every generation of Fibre Channel,” said Christoph Glingener, chief technology officer at Adtran. “Now we’re empowering a new breed of disaster recovery and business continuity implementations by enabling the leap to 64 gigabit per second Fibre Channel transmission, while at the same time taking speed, security and crypto-agility to the next level.”

Using ConnectGuard encryption, a highly secure variant safeguarded by Adva Network Security, Adtran will protect FSP 3000 S-Flex against cyberattacks, even those supported by emerging quantum computers. S-Flex also offers robust data protection, even in the face of quantum computer attacks.

Designed for next-generation SAN and critical infrastructure, S-Flex provides enormous scale and complete crypto-agility, ensuring mission-critical data remains safe both now and in the future.

“The FSP 3000 S-Flex enables enterprises to dramatically increase transport capacity and reduce operational complexity while seamlessly supporting a variety of DCI technologies, including ethernet, IBM mainframe, Fibre Channel and more,” Glingener said. “S-Flex will also be a vital asset in the ever-evolving battle to guarantee the integrity and privacy of our most valuable information.”

The FSP 3000 S-Flex is ideal for the new breed of high-capacity mission-critical networks that require the highest levels of data security and data availability. This includes facilities for financial services, government institutions, defense, public health infrastructure and more.

With a total capacity of 400Gbit/s and a compact design, S-Flex meets the most stringent DCI requirements in terms of speed and footprint, the company said.

Its extensive feature set also addresses all SAN and DWDM network operation demands, including ultra-low latency, Fibre Channel performance monitoring, and seamless integration with Fibre Channel trunking technology.

“In today’s era of digital transformation, organizations are facing new performance requirements and surging application workloads,” said Martin Skagen, VP of architecture and technology at Brocade Storage Networking Division, Broadcom. “They need a way to prevent traffic bottlenecks, reduce complexity and unleash the full potential of their data center infrastructure.

“Now Adtran’s customers have a way to address these urgent requirements with a secure, long-distance transport solution that interoperates seamlessly with our Gen 7 Fiber Channel technology.”

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