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BlueHalo adds Eqlipse combination to support global defense

ARLINGTON, Va. – BlueHalo, which has a major hub in Huntsville, has purchased another company to combine for its latest defense project that includes locations in 11 states.

Details of the deal are undisclosed. BlueHalo has more than 250 employees at its facility in Cummings Research Park.

BlueHalo, which bills itself as the company transforming the future of global defense, announced Tuesday it will acquire Eqlipse Technologies, a provider of differentiated products and solutions to the Department of Defense and intelligence community.

Bolstered by Eqlipse’s high-end technical talent and suite of innovative products, BlueHalo said in a statement it will deliver enhanced scale and broader capabilities to its customers, accelerating the development and fielding of its advanced defense technologies.

The combined entity will have a total employee count of nearly 2,400 across the 11 states and annual revenue approaching $1 billion. BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker will lead the combined company.

“The only constant in global defense is the certainty that threats will continue to evolve, new battlefields will emerge, and the landscape will change,” Moneymaker said. “Combining BlueHalo and Eqlipse – both with a shared passion for pairing innovative technology with customer intimacy – creates an enhanced organization with the proven ability to deliver on some of the most complex and challenging problems our customers face in these uncertain times. 

“This acquisition squarely catapults us to the forefront of the industry, providing additional size and scale, and solidifying the company’s position as the top alternative to the largest government contractors. It furthers our ability to drive unbridled, rapid prototyping and innovative work our customers have come to rely on without the bureaucratic obstacles, which typically slow development and inflate budgets.”

Since forming in 2019, BlueHalo has served as the prime contractor awardee on top-priority contracts such as Space Force’s recent $1.4 billion Satellite Communication Augmentation Resource program. According to the company, BlueHalo is the first to operationally field High Energy Laser Counter-Unmanned Autonomous Systems (C-UAS) with its LOCUST system and has become a leader in Radio Frequency (RF) C-UAS, delivering its 1,000th system last year. From laser communication payloads to critical Class-A satellite subsystems, BlueHalo has more than 260 systems flying on-orbit.

Eqlipse offers a deep portfolio of solution delivering industry-leading capabilities, spanning full-spectrum cyber and signals intelligence engineering, electronic warfare, digital operations and identity management, and cutting-edge R&D. 

“I’m incredibly proud of what we have been able to accomplish to date with Eqlipse and am excited for the many benefits this combination will provide for both our employees and our customers,” said Eqlipse CEO Dennis Kelly. “With enhanced scale and capabilities, BlueHalo will remain dedicated to providing the rapid innovation needed by our customers and delivering a protective ring around everything we hold dear.”


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