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Guest Opinion

Radiance CEO Bill Bailey: More F-35 fighters needed

When President Biden talks about “modernizing our military to safeguard stability and deter aggression” as he did in his State of the Union, it...

State Sen. Kelley: F-35 vital to nation’s defense

I am proud to represent Senate District 12 in the Alabama State Senate, an area in Northeast Alabama rich in patriotism and love of...

Mike Ball: Remembering Hank Williams

I have been a Hank Williams fan since my daddy first showed me how to make a “G” chord on his big Gibson and taught...

Mayors say vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 6

Sometimes laws become outdated and begin to have negative consequences for the people they were originally meant to help. When that happens, it becomes necessary to vote...

Rep. Aderholt: Alabama a pillar of U.S. space prowess

Earlier this year, during the International Space Station Research & Development Conference, I had the great opportunity to unveil my space vision for the...

Guests: Together, we must prioritize Alabama’s mental health crisis

No one is immune to the impact of mental health or substance use, especially in Alabama. In 2021, Alabamians identified mental health and substance...

Why Huntsville can become the esports hub of the Southeast

Simply stated, we're a nerd city. It's not hard to get people excited about the prospect of something new and strange. We've found no...