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Center for the Arts seeks entries to Festival of the Cranes Exhibition

DECATUR — The Alabama Center for the Arts is calling for art for the ninth annual juried Festival of the Cranes Exhibition.

Students, alumni artists, faculty and staff of Athens State University and Calhoun Community College are asked to submit works for the exhibition. The deadline is Nov. 28.

The center is seeking works in a diversity of art forms and media that not only depict whooping cranes and Sandhill cranes, but other birds, and waterfowl, raptors, fish, deer, and other wildlife. Scenes of nature and Gen. “Fighting Joe” Wheeler or his home, Pond Spring, in nearby Hillsboro, are also welcomed.

This event is in conjunction with the annual Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Festival of the Cranes on Jan. 14-15.

There will be events throughout the weekend at the center, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, the Princess Theatre, Cook Museum, Carnegie Visual Arts Center, and Old State Bank.

Artists may submit up to three works of art in JPG form along with the entry form. No more than three works per artist will be selected.

For information, contact [email protected].

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