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CFD Research fulfills founder’s vision with ultimate employee ownership goal

HUNTSVILLE – Absolutely, completely, totally and utterly.

Or simply, 100%.

That’s the plateau CFD Research reached in its relationship with certain employee-owners benefits with the announcement of a transition to a complete Employee Stock Ownership Plan company.

Known by the acronym ESOP, it’s a retirement plan that empowers employees by granting
ownership stock in the company as a cost-free benefit, fostering not only their ownership in the company but also bolstering their retirement savings.


According to the company, CFD Research’s late founder Dr. Ashok K. Singhal recognized the
benefit of starting an ESOP program 15 years ago as a way to directly reward CFD Research employees for their hard work and dedication.

The 100% milestone fulfills the vision of Singhal, who started the company in 1987 in the family’s basement along with his wife, Sangeeta.

“Through this ESOP journey, we have discovered first-hand that employee-ownership creates several differentiating characteristics in our team such as a greater dedication and pride in their work, as well as increased collaboration and a sense of teamwork,” President and CEO Sameer Singhal said.

CFD Research said its shift to 100% employee-ownership solidifies its employees’ heightened stake in the company’s success. Moreover, this ESOP transition positions CFD Research to attract and retain top-tier talent, aligning with the company’s vision of transforming the world through innovative technology solutions.

“We have been fortunate to experience rapid growth nearly tripling in size over the past six
years,’’ Sameer Singhal said in a video at www.cfd-research.com. “This growth has been due to the hard work of our employees to solve the nation’s hardest problems and help our customers fulfill their visions.

“We thought the best way to reward and thank our employees for their hard work and dedication was to allow them to share in the ownership of the company and directly
benefit from the growth we’re experiencing.”

CFD Research has worked with government agencies, businesses and academia to provide
innovative solutions within the aerospace and defense, biomedical and life sciences and energy and materials industries.

“From the founding of the company, my father took pride in hiring the best of the best,” Singhal said. “We are trying to solve the nation’s hardest problems, after all, and my mom complimented him by taking care of all of our employees and making sure they had the resources to be successful.”

CFD Research is headquartered in Huntsville. Other company locations are in Hollywood in
Jackson County; Ohio; and Florida.

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