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Cyber Huntsville offering scholarship opportunity

HUNTSVILLE – The non-profit Cyber Huntsville is offering six North Alabama high school seniors a chance to earn financial aid to pursue a college degree in the field.

A one time scholarship of $4,000 to each winner to be set to the college of their choice. Applicants must fill out the form found at www.cyberhuntsville.org, a separate file for an essay, students’ most recent transcript and two letters of recommendation and submit the five items to [email protected].

Deadline to apply for the scholarship is 11 p.m. Jan. 10. Winning applicants will be notified by Feb. 1 and will be expected to attend the Forces of Cyber Gala on Feb. 17.

Requirements for all applicants:

  • Must be graduating high school in spring of 2024 
  • Must reside in Madison County or an adjacent county
  • Must complete all parts of application
  • Must include a recent transcript 
  • Must include two letters of recommendation (non-family)
  • Must be submitted via email to [email protected] by the deadline
(Cyber Huntsville/Facebook, 256 Today)

The essay should be well developed to include 5-10 paragraphs describing a current cyber trend that might emerge as one of the largest cyber threats in the next 10 years, and why. Conclude with how you would use your education in cyber to enhance cyber protections for the community in Huntsville.

Cyber Huntsille has a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism or the use of sources such as ChatGPT. 

The 501(c)(6) organization bills itself as promoting the advancement of cyber and technology in Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley. The organization and its board is comprised of industry, government and academic institutions, leveraging Huntsville’s technical expertise and leadership to assist local, regional, and national cyber challenges. Mayor Tommy Battle formally announced the start of the Cyber Huntsville initiative in 2010. 

The $4,000 for the winners will be sent to their college of choice, in late July, once they are enrolled.




  • Cyber Huntsville promotes students who have excelled in High School and are choosing to pursue a college degree in cyber. While we understand that you have many commitments, Cyber Huntsville only accepts original work produced solely by the applicant. We have a zero tolerance policy for essays that have been plagiarized in any part or are otherwise not original. This includes submissions that excerpt heavily from other sources, but fail to include proper citations or that utilize ChatGPT. Applicants who plagiarize or submit work that is not entirely their own will be disqualified from the scholarship competition. Cyber Huntsville reserves the right to determine whether a submission is dishonest and may disqualify any applicant at any point as a result.


  • 2. If a winning applicant does not attend the college of choice during the fall of 2024, and the award has already been sent, the student will forfeit the scholarship and the funds shall be returned to Cyber Huntsville.


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