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Defining the issues: Teddy Powell, Republican candidate for State House District 10

“Let’s define the issues,” says Teddy Powell, Republican candidate for State House District 10.

“This election is about more than a single issue,” said Powell. “It’s time we leave politics at the door and start working together to build a better Alabama for everyone.”

Powell, who has served on the Madison City Council for seven years, has managed multimillion-dollar budgets, created successful businesses, and knows what it takes to build and maintain adequate infrastructure, school systems and development projects.  

“District 10 and the surrounding region have achieved many successes, but we also face challenges,” said the longtime Madison city council member. “These challenges range from infrastructure and transportation to healthcare and education.

“I’m focused on issues that affect our quality of life. I will work to achieve the results that the people of Madison County and the people of Alabama deserve.”

Powell said investing in infrastructure and roads is crucial for economic growth, efficient transportation, and job creation.

“We need a better return than 35 cents to every dollar we send to Montgomery,” he said. “Well-maintained infrastructure reduces transportation costs for businesses, fosters productivity, and attracts new industries, contributing to our state’s overall prosperity and competitiveness.

“In the legislature, I will advocate for additional investments in roads, bridges, expanded broadband, and other vital infrastructure needs such as water, gas, sewer, and more for the people of District 10,” he said. “As we create better roads, we get better economic development and then we have a better opportunity for education and quality of life.”   

Meanwhile, healthcare remains a concern for many Alabama families. Powell emphasizes that ensuring access to mental health resources must be a top priority.

“Every family deals with mental health in some manner,” he said.  “It’s something that touches everyone.  Mental health and substance abuse services should be a priority to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those in need.”

In Madison, Powell says they have implemented a system utilizing an officer trained in mental healthcare.  

“If an officer responds to a call and recognizes a mental health issue, our mental health officer ensures this person gets the care they need instead of going directly to jail,” Powell explained. “This gets people the help they need while also lessening the burden on overcrowded jail systems.” 

In addition to the role of roads and healthcare, Powell believes education is instrumental in building strong communities.  He will work to ensure the legislature does its part to empower the next generations of Alabamians with essential skills to be competitive in tomorrow’s workforce. 

“Every child deserves the opportunity to be just as prepared as anyone else to enter the workforce or go to college,” he said. “I will not support education policy just to satisfy special interest groups and will always analyze each piece of legislation by what is best for students and parents in House District 10.”

Powell said the upcoming House District 10 special election on March 26 comes down to one thing.  

“It’s really simple.  Experience,” he said.

“I have the experience needed to represent District 10 in Montgomery. I have the experience and ability to get the job done.” 

Powell believes District 10’s representative needs to address the issues affecting all Alabamians.

“My opponent is focused on one single social issue, neglecting all other issues,” said Powell.  “I’m focused on issues that affect our quality of life. Roads and infrastructure affect everyone, education affects everyone, economic development affects everyone.”  

“I’m not running to be a politician or make a political statement. I’m running to get things done for the people of District 10.”  

To read more about Teddy Powell visit: www.voteteddypowell.com

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