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Everbloom Health opens food product facility at HudsonAlpha

HUNTSVILLE — Everbloom Health has opened a manufacturing facility at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The facility will expand the food manufacturer’s portfolio of barley-based food products.

According to a release, Everbloom Health’s barley-based offerings are catered to health-conscious consumers and individuals following kidney or renal diets.

In a statement announcing the facility, Everbloom Health President and CEO Chris Cummings touched on the company’s efforts to expand its nutritional profile.

“Whole grain barley has a wonderful nutritional profile as well as a great taste and texture,” said Cummings. “We think it is a good platform for developing new food products that are healthful, with clean labels, and that taste simply amazing.”

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one in seven American adults are impacted by kidney disease.

Everbloom Health said it plans a portfolio of kidney-friendly food products under the Burl Barley Granola brand..

“We want to make it easy to enjoy delicious foods that are compatible with unique renal diets,” Cummings said.

The new facility will function as a product development site to test and launch food products, the company said. Since opening, Everbloom Health has increased its product offerings to include granola bars and other products.

“We are excited about working to expand our product mix into new food types and flavors that delight our customers and help them live healthy lifestyles,” said Cummings.

(Courtesy of Yellowhammer News)

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