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House District 10 special election: Lands wins in ‘LANDSlide’

MADISON — In a local political race that drew national interest, Democrat Marilyn Lands defeated Republican Teddy Powell for the Alabama House District 10 seat.

In Tuesday’s special election, Lands received more than 63% of the vote, according to unofficial results from the Madison County Probate Judge’s office.  

Lands was surrounded by supporters at her watch party in Madison Tuesday night.

“The results are in and it looks like we won by a landslide!” Lands exclaimed to the crowd.   

“Y’all have propelled us forward to make this thing happen and we are just getting started. I think this election is a victory. It’s a victory for District 10. It’s a victory for Alabama. It’s a victory for women.” 

Lands received 3,715 votes to Powell’s 2,236 votes. A total of 5,965 votes were cast accounting for a 14.54% turnout in the special election.

“Today our district, District 10, sent a clear message that will be heard in Montgomery and across this nation. People and especially women and families are tired of watching their rights being taken away. We so understand that Alabama needs to repeal our no expectations abortion ban, protect IVF and contraception,” she said to applause.  

The victory also flipped a Republican seat to Democrat. The special election was set by Gov. Kay Ivey after Rep. David Cole pleaded guilty in August to voter fraud. Cole was ordered to serve 60 days in jail followed by three months probation.

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels attended the event to express his support for Lands and her victory.  

“Today was an example that women and families in Alabama won’t stand won’t stand for any anti- reproductive rights legislation or movement,” he told 256 Today. 

“What Marilyn did was very courageous. She stood her ground on the issue that she felt was important to her and important to women all across the district and families across the district. And she took that and she grabbed the bull by the horns. She owned it. She didn’t run away from it like most Democrats would have done. 

“What this tells me is that women in Alabama, families in Alabama, are paying attention to the attacks, constant attacks on reproductive rights,” Daniels said.  

Former U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, who had campaigned for the Democratic candidate, also congratulated Lands on her victory in a social media post.

The night’s celebration also brought about the announcement of a new PAC.  Lands said some of her supporters have announced a political action committee that will work to elect women candidates from Alabama and the South.

“But we’re starting here. Respect Alabama,” said Lands referring to the name of the new PAC.  

Lands also included a statement in her address for Powell voters.  

“To those who supported my opponent, I want you to know that while we may not always agree, I am committed to being your representative,” she said. “I will be an honest and accessible voice in Montgomery.  

“I am always ready to listen to your concerns and to work for you.”

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