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Huntsville Fire & Rescue sends out call for applicants

HUNTSVILLE – Not only is Huntsville Fire & Rescue extending an invitation to join the force during a current application window, the department is also willing to provide aid to potential recruits to pass the test.

Literally. Huntsville Fire & Rescue has changed the format of the written exam segment of the process, a move that could improve the percentage of successful applicants. But more on that later.

(Huntsville Fire & Rescue/Facebook)

First, HFR is holding its next recruitment event Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. at Fire Station 1, 2110 Clinton Ave. For those who can’t make Wednesday’s event, a second meet-and-greet will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon at the Public Safety Training Academy, 5365 Triana Blvd.

“Come see how we operate, ask questions and learn about the amazing benefits of being a firefighter with Huntsville Fire & Rescue,” said Capt. Cory Green, HFR’s recruiter. “These spots only open a couple of times a year, so jump on this opportunity now before it’s too late.”

Anyone interested in applying can visit JoinHFR.com to learn more about the hiring process and complete an application. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest recruitment updates.

Meanwhile, a story on the city’s blog was meant to ease apprehensions about applying because of the written test. Changes have been made and study sessions are offered

“We try to do everything we can because we want everyone to be successful,” Green said. “We don’t want that written exam to hold them up. And we’ve also made changes to the test to make them more successful.”

The test includes three parts: Taking notes on information given verbally and then answering questions on that information as well as basic math and reading comprehension.

(Huntsville Fire & Rescue/Facebook)

Passing the test requires an overall average score of 70 or better for the three parts of the test. That’s a change from the past when applicants had to score at least a 70 on each part to pass.

Another improvement is keeping notetaking and responding to the verbal information together. Previously, applicants took notes and then were not asked about that information until after completing the math and reading comprehension sections.

HFR will hold study sessions for each part on three successive Saturdays – June 29, July 6 and July 13, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Public Safety Training Center.

“The study sessions will be to help people get a sense of what is on the test and tips and strategies that will help them be successful on the test,” Green said. “We try to get people to really lock in on the written exam and pass it so that it’s not a hindrance to you getting the job.”

Applicants can also study for the test on their own. Links to study guides and practice tests from National Fire Select Test are available here. 

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