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Ivey sets redistricting special session

MONTGOMERY — Gov. Kay Ivey issued a proclamation today setting July 17 for a special session to address redistricting.

“It is critical that Alabama be fairly and accurately represented in Washington.” she said. “That is why I support the Alabama Legislature readdressing our congressional map in a special session beginning July 17.”

The governor also limited the session to the congressional map issue. Although some lawmakers had hoped to address other issues that weren’t taken up in the recently ended regular session.

“It is of the utmost importance that this special session only address the congressional map and nothing else,” Ivey said. “The task at hand is too urgent and too important.”

The state faces a July 21 deadline set by the U.S. Supreme Court to redraw the district lines.

This month, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Black voters in a congressional redistricting case. The ruling ordered the creation of a second district with a large Black population.

If the state fails to make the July 21 deadline, the court will redraw the district lines.

“The Alabama Legislature has one chance to get this done before the July 21 court deadline,” Ivey said. “Our Legislature knows our state, our people and our districts better than the federal courts or activist groups do.”

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