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Last day to try out BlueHalo’s Virtual Stinger Trainer at SMD Symposium

HUNTSVILLE – Today is the last chance to jump inside the BlueHalo Virtual Stinger Trainer and virtually take in a realistic battlefield environment.

The trainer is at the BlueHalo booth at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium. It features is a 360-degree immersion with visual aircraft recognition technology. The booth, No. 419, is open from 9 a.m. until noon today in the South Hall of Huntsville’s Von Braun Center.

256 Today CEO Mecca Musick shoots down a virtual helicopter with the BlueHalo Virtual Stinger Trainer at the Space & Missile Defense Symposium this week (256 Today)

The VST teaches how the warfighter operates Stinger missiles in the field. It is just one of many ways BlueHalo’s space and missile defense technologies are protecting the nation and transforming modern warfare.

All week, BlueHalo has exhibited technology such as MAST-M, a recoverable surrogate missile system capable of engaging Aircraft Survivability Equipment while guaranteeing collision avoidance and missile recovery.

BlueHalo’s Locust is a high-energy laser weapon system that detects, tracks, engages and destroys drones. The company’s sUAS, a small Unmanned Aerial Systems platform that includes directed energy, counter-UAS, and other mission domain solutions, was also on display.

Titan harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to establish a sphere of threat detection and protection. Argus is BlueHalo’s perimeter security system which provides physical security, intrusion detection, and access control.


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