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Madison, Huntsville, Redstone close roads; ALDOT treating highways

HUNTSVILLE — As of Wednesday morning, the Huntsville Police Department announced the continued closure of roads and routes as the city and region continue to experience hazardous conditions due to this week’s severe winter weather event.

Road conditions remain dangerously icy and roadway markings are not visible, HPD said.

Police Chief Kirk Giles emphasized the severity of the situation and urged residents to stay at home until conditions improve. The icy roads have led to numerous traffic crashes and stalled vehicles, prompting the closure of several roads across the city.

“We understand the inconvenience the ice has caused for many in our community,” Giles said. “However, everyone doing their part by staying off the roads is crucial to ensuring the safety of all residents and facilitating the work of first responders.”

The following roads in Huntsville were closed Wednesday:

  • Westbound University Drive between Enterprise Way and Waddell Drive
  • Winchester Road at Hollow Road
  • Winchester Road from Meridian Street to Memorial Parkway
  • Chase Road at Melody Road
  • Oakwood Avenue near Hill Street
  • Monte Sano Boulevard from Governors Drive to Bankhead Parkway
  • Airport Road/Carl T. Jones Drive from Whitesburg Drive to Tannahill Drive
  • Bankhead Parkway
  • Cecil Ashburn Drive
  • Golf Road
  • Green Mountain Road
  • Westbound lanes of Weatherly Road from Canstatt Drive to Todd Mill Road
  • Executive Drive west of Ascent Trail

In Madison, the city said all roads are considered impassable. “Do not drive. Slaughter from Old Madison Pike to Farrow is officially closed. (U.S.) 72 and Wall Triana is a danger zone as well.”

(City of Madison Facebook)

Redstone Arsenal will be closed Thursday due to the persistence of icy road conditions.

“Only mission essential life, health and safety services will be provided by the Garrison,” the post’s Team Redstone said on Facebook. “Gate 9 will remain open for mission essential access. Individuals should make necessary arrangements through their supervisors and respective organizations.”

Seth Burkett, Public Information Officer for the Alabama Department of Transportation, said treating interstates and high-volume four-lane roads is a priority for the department. Secondary routes are treated as emergency calls come in.

ALDOT is treating roads with fine aggregate, ice fighter and rock salt, Burkett said. Crews will plow roads once the sun has had time to melt the ice into slush.

“We are focusing on getting outside lanes melted down to the asphalt layer so they can dry out before the temperature drop tonight can refreeze everything,” Burkett said. “Motorists are advised to continue to avoid unnecessary travel, and those who must travel are urged to reduce speed and exercise caution. Some lanes and ramps on most routes remain icy, and even on lanes that may appear to be clear, motorists will likely encounter some icy patches.”

Huntsville Public Works is assessing road conditions, too. In a statement, Director Chris McNeese thanked residents for their continued patience but urged them to refrain from unnecessary travel. Crews will use motor graders and plows on some areas.

“The sun is out, but it won’t provide enough thaw to significantly improve conditions,” McNeese said. “We are doing what we can to improve conditions on our secondary streets and minor collectors. More traffic will create more slush, which will refreeze and cause more problems.

“If you don’t have to drive, please stay home.”

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