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Madison sets date for council-manager special election

MADISON — Madison voters will choose their form of government in a special election May 9.

At Monday night’s city council meeting, Madison Mayor Paul Finley announced the date for the vote on changing from a council-mayor format to a council-city manager format.

“The city of Madison, with order of the Probate Court, has set the date for voters to decide the future of Madison’s municipal form of government,” said Finley. “The special election will be held Tuesday on May 9, with voters utilizing their regular local election polling places open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.”

Finley also directed the public to an informational page on the city’s website.

“The city has detailed ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ as well as an informational graphic for residents to reference in making an informed vote on the topic,” he said. “The public information breaks down each form of government and the roles of mayor and city manager in each function.”

At the Feb. 27 council meeting, the mayor announced the number of required signatures for the special election has been certified by Madison Probate Judge Frank Barger and Limestone County Probate Judge James Woodruff.

While support for holding a special election has grown in the city of Madison, some residents have spoken out against one. Finley welcomed the engagement.

“We are so happy we are having this vote and that so many of you are engaged,” Finley said.

“When the citizens get to vote they usually get it right.”

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