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More judges coming to North Alabama

MONTGOMERY — With the booming population growth in North Alabama, comes growing court dockets.

To meet the demand, the Legislature approved adding judgeships to areas needed most, marking a compromise in a multi-year effort.

There will be two circuit judges and one district judge next year and one district judgeship in 2026.

Circuit and district judgeships form the backbone of Alabama’s trial courts. Currently, the state has 148 circuit and 106 district court judges.

The Legislature adopted the recommendations of a 2022 Judicial Resource Allocation Commission report analyzing the weighted caseload across all counties.

The elected judges will be chosen by voters during the general election cycle of their respective year.

In 2024, Lauderdale and Madison counties will receive new circuit judges; and DeKalb County will receive a district judge.

In 2026, Madison County will gain another district judge.

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