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Off The Record: The latest rumors and rumblings in North Alabama


A different taste

Republican Congressman Tim Burchett of Knoxville, Tenn., reportedly had harsh words for Alabama’s Mike Rogers who famously confronted Florida Republican Matt Goetz on the House floor. Burchett referred to his colleague as “a redneck.” Local political observers, however, found that to be an ironic comment coming from the Knoxville Congressman best known for his efforts to make the consumption of road kill legal during his time in the Tennessee Legislature.

Don’t look behind the curtain

In its rules package approved Wednesday, the Alabama Senate dumped the requirement of a 48-hour notice for public hearings. In justifying the change, Decatur Sen. Arthur Orr said a committee chair could set a meeting and, the day before the meeting, someone, you know, who pays the salaries, requests a public hearing. Orr said the chairs would love to honor the request but they don’t want to wait 48 hours. “Forty-eight hours in the legislative cycle can put you back several calendar days,” Orr was quoted, because lawmakers only meet Tuesdays through Thursdays. But, to their credit, the rule does say the 48-hour notice should be given “when possible.”

Lack of judgement?

Is frequent candidate Angela McClure setting her sights on the office of the Madison County Probate judge? McClure was defeated in the race for State House District 20 by Rep. James Lomax before also being defeated in a Huntsville City School Board District 3 race by Andrea Alvarez. A Huntsville power player tells me McClure has zero chance of unseating current Probate Judge Frank Barger, “He’s one of the most popular elected leaders we have, well regarded and respected by everyone.”

Toyota Field Fixer Upper

New standards sent down by Major League Baseball to minor league ballparks will be costly. The two major requirements – female facilities and equal amenities in locker rooms for the visiting teams – will be the biggest reno. The Trash Pandas are looking at a more than $2 million bill but plan to pay for the upgrades using their maintenance fund and, due to some forward thinking when the original build was done, they have the room to expand. Other ballparks with not as new facilities are not as lucky. In fact, we hear the Montgomery Biscuits are looking at a costly build in their outfield. Ballparks must comply with the new standards by the 2025 season.

It’s LEET-un 

Spare a tear for the on-air personalities who are new to the area after the recent spate of severe weather. North Alabama is home to some pretty particular pronunciations that have tripped up quite a few recent arrivals over the years.  

Colbert County (KAHL-bert), Leighton (LEET-un), and, of course, Arab (Ay-rab) are just a few names that have baffled radio hosts, meteorologists and reporters with pronunciation perplexity. However, WAAY 31’s newly named Chief Meteorologist Taylor Kanost managed the mouthfuls most assuredly. You might think the Nebraska native was raised on Sand Mountain the way “Pisgah” glided over the air during Thursday’s numerous severe weather watches and warnings.

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