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Our Town Podcast – Famous Joe Carlucci

256 Today is proud to present the Our Town Podcast. Check here every week for the latest episode from Troy Bye, North Alabama’s newest favorite son.

The Our Town Podcast showcases all that is good in North Alabama. Each week guests are invited from business, sports, entertainment, education, the arts, and so much more to discuss all aspects of living and working in The 256.

Each of us has a story and each of us grew out of a circumstance. Reigning world champion and original member of the World Pizza Champions, Joe Carlucci returns to the Podcast for milestone episode 50!

Joe catches us up on the progress of his store that will open in the summer, which requires tripling his staff and adding a bourbon room, lessons and instruction from his mentor, handling frustrated customers and implementing quality control measures.

He also discusses raising a daughter in 2023, and behind the scenes of what took place during his appearance on Hulu’s “Best In Dough”.

Joe is always entertaining but also very thoughtful and drops some great nuggets of wisdom that you will not want to miss.

And everywhere you get your podcasts – “Our Town Podcast”

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