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Our Town Podcast: Mark Brazeal, VP of Mazda Toyota Manufacturing

256 Today is proud to present the Our Town Podcast. Check here every week for the latest episode from Troy Bye, North Alabama’s newest favorite son.


The Our Town Podcast showcases all that is good in North Alabama. Each week, guests are invited from business, sports, entertainment, education, the arts, and so much more to discuss all aspects of living and working in The 256.

Each of us has a story and each of us grew out of a circumstance.
EP 58 is here! Mark Brazeal has a cool job within a very unique company that is doing things that are unprecedented in the auto manufacturing industry.
An Alabama native, Mark started in textile manufacturing before making the switch to automotive manufacturing – first with a Tier-1 supplier and then making the move to Toyota. His career with Toyota now stretches past the 20-year mark and he is bringing his decades of expertise and experience to the first class operation known as Mazda Toyota Manufacturing.
Mark takes us through every aspect of the journey for MTM to build the first-of-its-kind facility in Huntsville and the many challenges they faced and, more importantly, how they have overcome them – to include protecting two endangered fish species, endemic to Limestone County. Awesome conversation!
YouTube (watch): http://bit.ly/43iYwpD
Spotify (watch): http://bit.ly/3KPNeld
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