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PARCA: ‘More people died in Alabama than were born here’ in 2023

BIRMINGHAM – According to the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, the gap narrowed but more people died in Alabama than were born here, according to 2023 estimates.

Using numbers from U.S. Census Bureau covering the period between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023, the nonprofit reports Alabama’s death rate fell from the third-highest in 2021 to the sixth-highest in 2023. 

“Births were up by about 150, and the estimated number of deaths in 2023 was down by almost 10,000 from the 2021 peak of the Covid-19 pandemic,” PARCA said in the report.

Alabama’s population continues to grow in large part due to people moving here, the PARCA analysis reveals. 

“Most of the population change resulted from people moving in from other states,” the report said. “The state received 30,744 domestic migrants, 2,000 more than moved in the year before. International migration into Alabama increased to 5,364 net new arrivals, or about 1,000 more than the year before.”

PARCA found that Alabama’s population is growing, just not as fast as most of our neighbors.

“Alabama’s population increased by 34,000 last year to 5.1 million, driven by increased domestic migration and a decreasing number of deaths, according to the latest population estimates published by the U.S. Census Bureau, covering the period between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023,” PARCA said. “That’s the 15th fastest rate of growth among U.S. states and ranks 11th in terms of the number of people added.

“Still, Alabama’s growth rate trails other Sunbelt and Mountain West states, including Southeastern neighbors like Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and South and North Carolina.”

PARCA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to inform and improve state and local government in Alabama through independent, objective, nonpartisan research.  

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