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Registration is open for UAH Executive Summit

HUNTSVILLE – The University of Alabama in Huntsville will host a one-day Executive Summit on March 26 to explore the opportunities and challenges shaping the future workforce in the digital era.

Registration is open for the inaugural event on the campus of UAH. Business leaders can register through March 19. The standard rate is $149, but a discount is available for those who register by Feb. 20.

“We are thrilled to bring this innovative summit to UAH; its unique and collaborative cross-section of leaders from industry, consulting and academia can be profoundly impactful,” said Dr. Kristin Weger, assistant professor of industrial organizational psychology at UAH. “This initiative not only pays tribute to Huntsville’s historical ties to world-class engineering but also emphasizes innovation through research and continuous improvement, a core value at UAH.

“‘We can achieve more when we adopt a collaborative mindset and share ideas. This fosters rapid innovation, opening up new opportunities for advancement and growth across industries.”

The summit aims to bring together leaders from industry, consulting and academia to explore the dynamic landscape faced by today’s workforce in the digital era. It is hosted in collaboration with Staufen Consulting, an international management consulting firm known for its expertise in operational excellence and future factory implementation, and SEW Eurodrive, a global market leader in drive technology and Smart Factory solutions.

Topics will include workforce development, sustainability and practical application of the latest tools in digitization, industry 4.0 and continuous improvement. Additionally, the summit will offer valuable insights into automation; the social and governance pillars of sustainable environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices; global value chains, and effective leadership.

In recent years, organizations have faced unprecedented challenges arising from social and economic crises. These challenges, combined with the need to keep pace with rapidly advancing technologies, compel organizations to develop a framework for continuous process improvement of their people, processes and technology.

Globally, the rapid progression of digitization is causing increased competition and rising complexity. To navigate this evolving landscape, organizations must prioritize the upskilling and reskilling of their workforce to bridge the ever-changing skills gap, fostering a resilient and competitive workforce.

“To stay competitive in today’s complex market, organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to continuous process improvement,” says Nicholas Philips, partner and head of industrial consulting and workforce development at Staufen Consulting. “Peak performance is achieved when organizations prioritize high performance and sustainability while developing a positive company culture.

“This summit will provide an exciting opportunity for professionals in diverse industries to network, exchange ideas and explore solutions to complex problems.”

For more information and to register, visit opce.uah.edu/FutureofWork.

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