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Strong nominated for Homeland Security Committee

WASHINGTON — For the second time in two days, U.S. Rep. Dale Strong has been nominated for a seat on a key House committee.

The freshman congressman was nominated Tuesday by the House Steering Committee to serve on the House Committee on Homeland Security. On Monday, he was nominated to sit on the House Armed Services Committee.

“I am honored to be nominated to serve on the Committee on Homeland Security, where one of my top priorities is to immediately secure our border and ensure that the Border Patrol has the resources it needs to start enforcing our immigration laws,” said Strong.

The Committee on Homeland Security provides congressional oversight of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), whose primary mission is to secure the nation. This includes border protection, intelligence and counterterrorism, cyber security, emergency preparedness, and transportation security.

Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District is home to important DHS components, including
Homeland Security Investigations, which is the principal investigative arm of DHS.

“It is time to secure our borders and ensure Customs and Border Protection agents are
equipped with the tools and resources needed to keep illegal immigrants and drug traffickers from invading our country,” said Strong. “North Alabama is proud to play a role
in protecting Americans against threats to the homeland.

“Intelligence, cyber security, and other crucial operations bring thousands of highly trained professionals to the Fifth Congressional District, and I am proud to be their representative in Washington, D.C.”

The House Republican Conference expects to formally ratify the Steering Committee’s
recommendations for both committee assignments next week.

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