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The Super Bowl and its aftermath, told in 5 Dr. Dre tracks

Fort Payne native and Cincinnati Bengals placekicker Evan McPherson generated more than a few articles this week when he decided to skip mid-game adjustments in the locker room and watch the Super Bowl halftime show, which featured Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and for some reason Kendrick Lamar.

Only 118 days older than Dr. Dre’s “2001,” McPherson thankfully and narrowly dodged becoming a “How it Started / How it’s Going” meme by not having the opportunity to miss a game-tying field goal before his Bengals fell to the Rams, 23-20.

With that, let’s join the Duke of Dekalb County in his fandom of 90s rap by briefly revisiting the Super Bowl and its aftermath through five Dr. Dre tracks.

California Love
The Rams surely felt the California Love on their own home field this weekend. What’s not certain is how long that love will last with its current roster. Donald and Whitworth wouldn’t shock many if any retired. Stafford’s contract runs out next year. Von Miller and OBJ are both unrestricted free agents. The Rams don’t have a first-round pick until 2024. The team will have a different look, but we’ll wait to see if they can reload as effectively as the Patriots did for 20 years.

Been There, Done That
After more than a decade of toiling away in the Motor City, Georgia alum and Jason Isbell doppelganger Matt Stafford finally won his Super Bowl. He can finally say, “Been There, Done That” and will forever have one over on Dan Marino.

Forgot About Dre (Joe)
On the Throw The Flag podcast, we have a crush on Joe Burrow. This won’t be the last time he takes the field at a Super Bowl. He’ll be back because people will act like they forgot about Joe. This would’ve been easier to write if his name were Dre Burrow.

Keep Their Heads Ringing
Aaron Donald is a good football player. I wouldn’t blink an eye if he were voted into the Hall of Fame while an active player. He’s made the Pro Bowl every year he’s been in the league. His unit pushed around the Bengals all evening, and his game-ending sack could not have been more appropriate or more poetic.

The Next Episode
Cheers! We made it to the end of another football season. Nearly one-third of the NFL will have new coaches next year, and several teams will have a new look as early as April when the NFL Draft rolls into town. There will, of course, be plenty to talk about, so please stay tuned to this column and the Throw The Flag podcast.

Click below to listen for a larger discussion the Super Bowl, why Auburn had to keep Bryan Harsin and more from the sports world.

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