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There is some serious Italian food coming to Town Madison early this summer

They say it’s the atmosphere that initially draws you in but the food that will keep you coming back. SaZa Serious Italian! is opening their second location across from Toyota Field at Town Madison early this summer and ragazzo, lo amerai – boy, are you going to love it!

SaZa’s food is an eclectic blend of traditional Italian favorites and new creations made from recipes passed down from Chef Joe DiMaggio, Jr.’s grandmother.

The menu is said to be “extreme peasant cuisine,” but there is nothing simple about Saza’s Rigatoni Bolognese made with a rich meat, vegetable and cognac sauce roasted for five hours before it’s hit with cream.

Saza’s bestsellers are angel hair pasta served with Maine lobster meat, chopped shrimp and spinach in a chardonnay, exploded garlic and olive oil sauce; Anaheim chilies, slow roasted and topped with fresh mozzarella; and Carmelina’s San Marzano tomatoes, tossed with fresh herbs and rigatoni pasta to round out an unforgettably piatto squisito.

Saza’s will be bringing to Town Madison the same smart but festive atmosphere they are famous for in Montgomery with bold colors and hardwood floors, but with some enhancements like exposed ductwork ceilings and a mezzanine with a view of the ballfield.

Top it off with energetic music and an open kitchen, pizza dough made in New York, wild salmon from Ireland and Norway, and scallops from Georges Banks, Massachusetts.

And don’t forget the pizza made with traditional toppings, and specialty pizzas like wild sauteed mushroom pizza and Kafta lamb pizza with cardamom curry, feta cheese, mint oil and curried yogurt sauce.

You will experience Saza’s for yourself soon enough and oh mio Dio! Il cibo è delizioso!

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