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HPCAC holds ‘Crisis Intervention & Co-Responder Teams’ public meeting

HUNTSVILLE — The Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council will hold a public meeting tonight, August 9 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall at the House of Hope and Restoration Church at 2525 Aspen Avenue in downtown Huntsville.

The topic will be “Crisis Intervention & Co-Responder Teams” with Huntsville Police giving a presentation on crisis intervention training program for officers.

The HPCAC is a local law enforcement training and response program designed for first responders who handle crisis calls involving people with a mental health condition.

The CIT training is designed to provide supportive measures and utilize an on-the job law enforcement tool that enhances and maintains officer, consumer and public safety.

WellStone Behavioral Health will also be at the meeting with a presentation on co-responder teams as part of the health care system. They will explain how the program works from the time 911/988 calls come in, to the co-responder at the facility’s Crisis Diversion Center.

Both Wellstone and the HPCAC will provide intervention strategies and alternatives to assisting people suffering from mental illness; and will facilitate that person getting into the appropriate healthcare system during a crisis, reducing their involvement in the criminal justice system.

All residents are welcome to attend and participate in roundtable conversations.

The HPCAC brings a citizen’s perspective to the policies and procedures of law enforcement and helps advise on a variety of topics including diversity, recruitment, training and discipline.

Tonight’s meeting is one of several meetings with the public that the highly diverse, 13-member organization holds throughout the year where the public can discuss issues directly with the officers who serve them.

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