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Track your energy consumption with Huntsville Utilities  

Huntsville Utilities is making it easier for customers to view their electric usage. The useful feature is available online in the My Account portal allows customers to track their electricity usage day by day down to the 15-minute mark.  

Electric consumption data can be viewed in the customer portal under the Consumption History tab. This data can be helpful in determining when you are using the most electricity so that you can pin point the source and make changes to reduce your overall electric energy usage. 

The data can also be downloaded as an excel spreadsheet. This information can be very helpful in determining your home’s overall energy efficiency or to help pinpoint a problem if your utility bill is higher than expected.  

Huntsville Utilities also has tips to keep your home cooler in the hot summer months. You can find these and other money saving tips on the Smart Consumer Tips page of Huntsville Utilities website, and follow Huntsville Utilities on social media all year long for more energy efficiency information. 

Also, check out the award-winning web show called “HUTV: Huntsville Utilities Television.”  The program takes a deeper dive into these and other utility-related topics. 

Check out the episode on how the outside air temperature impacts your energy use. 

Huntsville Utilities (HU) is a Public Utility owned by the City of Huntsville. We answer only to the people we serve. Decisions are based on what is best for our customers. We do not pay dividends to stockholders. Instead, we provide lower prices to our customers. 

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