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UAH to host HEL Optics Metrology Workshop for High-Energy Laser Technologies

HUNTSVILLE The University of Alabama in Huntsville will host the HEL Optics Metrology Workshop to improve metrology processes and technologies in high energy laser (HEL) weapon systems.

The workshop will connect stakeholders from across the region on Sept. 11-12 on the campus of UAH.

Registration will close Sept. 4 and the cost is $170. Federal government and UAH employees and students may attend free of charge. Attendees must be U.S. citizens employed by the Department of Defense or its contractors. Presentation proposals will be accepted through July 19. 

The goal is to initiate conversations and ideas to improve the capabilities, efficiency, consistency and cost of HEL optics metrology — from substrate generation to surface figuring to coating — while decreasing program risk. The workshop is spearheaded by Dr. James Hadaway, Principal Research Scientist with the UAH Center for Applied Optics. 

“From threat detection to neutralizing targets, the potential of advanced technologies like high energy laser weapons is incredible,” said Hadaway. “We have numerous defense contractors developing this technology locally. Collaboration is essential to enhancing the capabilities and efficiency of HEL systems.

“The goal of this workshop is to bring those stakeholders together to share ideas and propel the technology forward.” 

Once considered science fiction, high-energy lasers and directed energy have become a key modernization weapon strategy of the U.S. military. Unlike other weapons, HEL can hit targets instantaneously while never running out of ammunition as long as a power source is present. It is crucial to advance HEL technology to counter emerging threats as nations worldwide rapidly integrate HEL weapons into their military strategies. 

To learn more about the HEL Optics Metrology Workshop and to register, click here. 

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