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UNA shares Dean’s and President’s lists online

FLORENCE – The University of North Alabama has adopted a new way to share student  success. The Dean’s List and the President’s List will be available as part of an online feature at una.edu. 

“We wanted to be able to give students and their families and friends an opportunity to see this  accomplishment and celebrate it,” said Corrie Dalrymple, Interim University Registrar. “These  lists indicate significant academic achievement by our students, and sharing the information  online is a meaningful part of that success.” 

UNA has always released an annual Dean’s List, which indicates a grade point average of 3.5 or  above. The President’s List is brand new to the University, and it includes students who have  achieved an academic record of 4.0. 

The lists recognize full-time undergraduate students and do not apply to graduate or doctoral students or undergraduate students enrolled in fewer than 12 hours per semester. Both lists are available here

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