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Village at Drake Farm planned for Huntsville’s Big Cove area

HUNTSVILLE – A presentation of a planned mixed-use development in the Big Cove area drew a full house at a recent town hall with Huntsville City Councilman David Little.

At the intersection of Cecil Ashburn Drive and Old Big Cove Road, the tentatively named Village at Drake Farm would include a mix of attached and detached housing with proximity to shopping, work, recreation and businesses.

Residences at WellPoint is exploring the village-style development, which some say would be a game-changer for the area.

It was SRO at June Townhall in District 2 (City of Huntsville City Council/David Little newsletter contributed)

Residents viewed potential renderings of the project and provided feedback during the two-hour session.

The walkable village will have shops, cafes and small businesses as well as loft apartments surrounding the village center. A village park system features indigenous plant-life and a restored Big Cove Creek.

The village will connect to the regional greenway system, specifically Blevins Gap Nature Preserve to the west and Big Cove Creek Greenway to the east.

The come-and-go town hall session featured representatives with T2 Capital Management, Urban Design Associates, Schoel Engineering and Matheny-Goldmon Architecture + Interiors.

“The Cove community was pleased with the vision presented by our partners and appreciated the opportunity to share input on what the new development could be,” Little said. “The plan now is for everyone to digest the input and convene again in August to review more finalized plans based on feedback from last night.”

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