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Wyndy expands babysitting app into Huntsville

BIRMINGHAM – Families in Huntsville and Mobile now have access to a reliable babysitting solution.

Birmingham-based Wyndy College Babysitters, an app that simplifies the process of sourcing, booking, and paying vetted babysitters, has expanded into Huntsville and Mobile the company said.

The company also provides valuable earning potential for its sitters, college students, as a flexible way to earn an income as they pursue their degree.

“The city of Birmingham has been a huge part of our company’s success,” said Missy Polhemus, Wyndy CEO. “We are excited to grow even more and provide an easy way for parents in Huntsville and Mobile to connect with vetted and background-checked sitters.”

In a 2022 State of Child Care Survey, Wyndy parents said the need for flexible child care options has increased since the pandemic, and they see that trend continuing.

“Wyndy’s marketplace solution not only simplifies the process of finding a trusted sitter, but it also allows parents to work with hundreds of providers based on the needs of their family,” Polhemus said. “This is a huge unlock for families who are looking for more flexible childcare options.”

She also said the app is beneficial to sitters.

“Since our launch in 2017, students in the Birmingham market alone have earned over $8,500,000 through Wyndy,” Polhemus said. “We hear from our Wyndy’s that the money they earn is helping to support them through college, allowing them to pay off student debts and save money for their future.

“All of us at Wyndy love to hear how we have helped students not only earn money, but also help them achieve success once they graduate.”

Interested parents as well as students attending school in the Huntsville and Mobile markets can download the Wyndy app through the Apple and Android app stores.

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