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Huntsville Environmental Sustainability Commission to ‘leave a better city for kids, grandkids’

HUNTSVILLE – With major growth in population, business and ongoing construction projects that seem to be everywhere in the city these days, the mayor and his office decided to up Huntsville’s game when it comes to the natural and man-made environment.

Mayor Tommy Battle, who earlier announced the formation of the Huntsville Environmental Sustainability Commission, and the city released the list of 11 members appointed to serve on that commission.

The group will work directly with municipal departments in an advisory capacity to help guide recommendations outlined in the city’s Sustainability Plan. The plan was compiled by an independent coalition of leaders and experts who spent nine months assessing contributing factors to long-term environmental sustainability in metro Huntsville. 

“The Sustainability Plan provided us with great thoughtful analysis, clear goals and realistic recommendations for the future, and one of the key recommendations was to establish a Sustainability Commission,” Battle said. “This will help our departments think more holistically, because at the end of the day, everything we do impacts our environment, our quality of life and our future.” 

According to the city, its goal is to create a sustainable urban development that revitalizes the community, keeps the air, water and land clean, and provides economic and social benefits for all residents.

“It’s about leaving a better city for our kids and grandkids, and this advisory commission will help guide us in that direction,” Battle said.

Marie Bostick, co-chair of the committee that drafted the Sustainability Plan, applauded the mayor’s action. 

“This is an important step because we will now have an entity thinking about sustainability in the everyday decision making of city government, so that we can create a better and more sustainable community for today and future generations,” Bostick said. “It is important to all of us, as we grow and develop as a community, that we respect and take care of our natural resources, and they are not mutually exclusive.”

Members of new Sustainability Commission 

  • Chad Bostick, Bostick Design – landscape architect 
  • Marie Bostick, Executive Director, Land Trust of North Alabama 
  • Lisa Dyer, Matheny Goldmon – licensed architect, accredited LEED-AP 
  • Lindsey Keane, RCP – developer of sustainable mixed-use urban projects 
  • Sara Kovachich, ALTA – active transportation planner 
  • Carey Martin Lane, Food Bank of North Alabama – Farm-food collaborative manager
  • Jared Mitchem, TVA – Regional vice president 
  • Phoenix Robinson, TARCOG – community planner 
  • Ankur Shah, UAH – earth science/physics 
  • Andy Somers, Somers Consulting – civil engineer 
  • Andrew York, SSOE – electrical engineer 

The members will serve a four-year term. Joining the commission will be ex-officio representation from city departments, including Planning, Engineering, Water Pollution Control, Natural Resources, Inspections, Landscape Management and Communication.


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