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Battle’s last term? Peaceful transfer? Washington power plays … and more in OTR

Off The Record: The latest rumors and rumblings in North Alabama


Four more years: Battle’s finale?

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle will begin his fifth term Nov. 4, following a resolution passed by the city council in accordance with Alabama constitutional guidelines to declare an unopposed municipal candidate as the winner. But will this be his last? While addressing supporters at a recent campaign event, Battle said he was looking forward to running the campaign, “one last time.” Now 68 years old, the popular Huntsville mayor will have served 20 years following his fifth term. 

“Peaceful” transfer of talent

One of the practices of winning/losing government contracts is the losing company notifies its employees about the winning company and provides contact information. In recent weeks however, some companies, in a snit because they lost their contracts, didn’t provide  that service to their employees, some going so far as to refuse requests from their employees. It’s not the employees’ fault the contract was lost.

Washington power plays

It became official this week that Sean Ross, longtime comms consigliere to U.S. Sen. Katie Britt, was elevated to the role of Deputy Chief of Staff. Sources say the move is natural and stark for Ross, as he’s served in the capacity of communications director since Britt’s initial campaign for the Senate and was essential in shaping the fundamental message she continues to take from Alabama to Washington. Amy Hasenberg-Elliott, an experienced Capitol Hill communications director, will step into Ross’s former role. Sources say Ross, who is just in his early 30s, has been a natural fit in the D.C. political landscape since Britt’s inauguration, and his promotion to deputy will only amplify the strategic value he generates.

Chick, chick, here and a chick, chick there

Folks in these parts may be asking “what the cluck is going on?” With this week’s announcements of two – yes, two – chicken restaurants in Town Madison, we may be seeing the beginnings of a flock of new restaurants winging across the Valley. Chicken Salad Chick is holding a grand opening for its new store on Town Madison’s east side while Chick-fil-A broke ground for a restaurant on Town Madison’s west side, adjacent to Cracker Barrel. And, yes, that is part of Town Madison. Meanwhile, prepare for some broken eggs and maybe a Louisiana flavored restaurant or two to spice things up in the 256.

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