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Dentists bite back; a lottery push in 2025? and more in this week’s OTR

Off The Record: The latest rumors and rumblings in North Alabama



Dentists taking a bite out of the board?

The Alabama Board of Dental Examiners, the governing board of all dental health professionals in the state, has recently drawn the ire of hundreds of dentists who say the board is “overstepping” with recently enacted requirements. The agitated dentists say one new requirement involving light, in-office sedation treatments for young patients who struggle to receive dental treatment will increase the costs exorbitantly for parents.  Additionally, dentists who have received extra training in facial aesthetic usage of Botox treatments were suddenly informed that their practices would be limited to a certain area. One insider says, “The board is overstepping and as a result hindering healthcare in Alabama.” This morning, a board meeting is underway where reportedly numerous dentists are sharing their thoughts on the changes to the beleaguered board. Perhaps the board’s meeting in front of the Joint Interim Sunset Committee to review their recent audit of operations will go better in August? 

Appetite shift to the lottery?

We’re heard some lawmakers are already discussing what shape a legal gaming plan would look like in the 2025 legislative session. Some are calling it a “lottery bill” while some are calling it a “gaming bill.” But, as always, it requires a vote of the people to fully come to fruition if lawmakers can get something passed. Meanwhile, some politicos maintain there won’t be another mutter of gaming until at least 2027. One political insider says, “They asked House members to walk the plank; they aren’t able to ask that again anytime soon.  Lottery or otherwise.”

Cotton to peanuts: HudsonAlpha expands into the Wiregrass

The Dothan Innovation Center will serve startups, entrepreneurs, health science and technology companies, and the broader region’s economic development engine. From the fields of its primary Research Park campus in Huntsville, look for HudsonAlpha to continue increasing its presence across the state. A study by the University of Alabama in Huntsville shows, since its inception, HudsonAlpha has made a $4.2 billion impact on the Alabama economy. 

McCarter in ‘transfer portal’

In a short and surprising Facebook post, one of the most popular writers in town said he is calling it quits – voluntarily. Mark McCarter, who wrote for several years for The Huntsville Times and published baseball-related books, used a sports metaphor, of course, in announcing he’s “taking the transfer portal into retirement.” Mark wrapped up his illustrious and award-winning career Wednesday for a new career of traveling, pampering grandkids and book-writing. -30-

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