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The easiest jobs in college football

What are the easiest jobs in college football? Let’s find out together.

It’s the silliest part of the college football offseason. It’s that time of year when sportswriters dust off their “Best Fight Songs” or “Top 10 Helmets” articles. At Throw The Flag, we try to raise the bar and bring you a list that’s efficient with more meat on its bones.

This piece comes from Twitter personality @BigGameBoomer, who’s perfected the art of publishing something so absurd that it’s guaranteed to go viral. We won’t extend his 15 minutes here, so feel free to check his “easiest jobs” list on Twitter. It might be smart to take a shot of something strong beforehand.

How do we judge the easiest jobs in college football? Our criteria are a school’s financial resources and facilities, recruiting difficulty, and historic patience with coaches who didn’t immediately succeed.

Behold: The Five Easiest Jobs in College Football


We said it. This is to take nothing away from Kirby Smart and his recent success. However, Georgia’s fanbase is rabid and loyal. The athletic department is rich and will continue to invest in another championship. Recruiting has never been better. Kirby built or brought much of this with him, but his first five years at UGA mirrored previous Coach Mark Richt’s performance and they kept him around for 15 years. In fact, Georgia has employed only five head coaches since 1964. Fun Fact: both championship-winning coaches during that span, Smart and Vince Dooley are Alabama natives.


How much money does Nike have? That’s how much money Oregon has. The Ducks play in a cool city and their gaudy, ever-changing uniforms attract recruits. There’s a built-in network of endorsements, especially in the NIL era. They play in the less-competitive division in an non-competitive conference, so it’s easy to win. How’s the hot seat? Pretty chill. Coaches usually leave Oregon before the Ducks can leave them. Mario Cristobal went to Miami, Willie Taggart went to FSU, Chip Kelly went to the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, Mike Bellotti become the school’s athletic director, and Rich Brooks went to the NFL’s St. Louis Rams. Only two Oregon coaches in the last 50 years have been let go: Mark Helfirch (2016) and Don Read (1976).


It’s tough to put any SEC West team on this list, but my lord. Jimbo Fisher has a historic contract that is fully guaranteed. The Aggies have fostered a fanbase led by Yell Leaders who have zealots’ energy down pat. It’s certainly not easy to win at Texas A&M, but does that matter? Jimbo is 21-12 in conference play and just got a raise to $10 million per year with incentives. If that livin’ ain’t easy, I don’t know what is.


If you’re backed by billions from the T. Boone Pickens trust fund, you’re going to have the tools you need to get the job done. When you play in a dying conference and never have to beat your rival, you don’t really need to get the job done in the first place. When your fans love you even though you have a mullet as a joke, embarrass yourself at press conferences, and have questionable taste in wardrobe, you have the easiest job in college football. Bless you, Mike Gundy. Never change.


Clemson is among the easiest jobs because of Dabo Swinney. He made the team better while traditional rivals and the rest of the ACC cratered. Their only real rival to speak of, South Carolina, isn’t in their conference and often gets bulldozed by the better-prepared Tigers. Recruiting can be tough regionally, but the massive gap in success between Clemson and the rest of the conference has never been wider. Dabo should stay at Clemson and never come to Alabama. Please.

What did we get wrong? What games are you looking forward to? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram. Listen to Throw the Flag below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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