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House District 10: Five questions for Teddy Powell

Voters in Alabama House District 10 will head to the polls next month for a special election.

Democrat Marilyn Lands faces Republican Teddy Powell to fill the vacant seat left by the resignation of former Rep. David Cole.

256 Today posed five questions to each candidate on concerns facing voters. The special general election is March 26.

These are the five questions and responses from Powell.

  1. Why should you be elected?
    I believe I’m the most qualified candidate to represent the folks of House District 10. Throughout my career I’ve managed multimillion-dollar budgets, created successful businesses, and have worked my way up from my first job — which was carrying roofing shingles on construction projects for my grandfathers company. I’ve seen what it takes to build and maintain adequate infrastructure, school systems, development projects, and more from my time on the Madison City Council. Most importantly, though, is I know how to work with people. I’m someone who likes to get the job done in an efficient, under budget, and quality manner. I’m not interested in the party-politics of Montgomery, as I believe most people feel the same way. I believe I should be elected because I know what the job entails and I’m in it to bring results for the people of our district.
  2. What is the main issue, in your opinion, facing the district?
    Our district has seen many successes, mainly from the growth in Huntsville and Madison; however, we face challenges, as well. I believe the most important issue is balancing our growth. We have to be prepared to keep unemployment low, jobs filled, and focus on the overcrowding of our schools. I believe politicians often rush to raise taxes to solve these types of problems and that’s not something I’m interested in. I will work to ensure our schools, roads, and citizens receive the proper state attention they deserve. Our district needs a leader who has been in these meetings before— someone who has the experience of governing, negotiating, and getting results that benefit everyone, not just a select few. I’m that candidate.
  3. Should we have a state lottery? Legalized gaming?
    The people of Alabama deserve a right to vote on this issue. I support passing a proposed constitutional amendment that lets folks go to the polls and make their voice heard. An issue like this shouldn’t be left up to just the Legislature. It should involve all voices around our state and we should look for every opportunity to let democracy do what it was intended to do.
  4. Do you approve of expanding Medicaid?
    Without a plan in place to address the cost after the six federal match expires, no, I don’t support the expansion of Medicaid. If Alabama chooses to expand Medicaid, it should be done in a way that utilizes a public/private partnership model to help address cost, quality of care, access to healthcare, and demand on care providers. While most politicians would give a politically charged answer, I’ll always be honest about where I stand and will always consider the long-term effects of every policy. Unfortunately, there are many people who are currently in the “coverage gap” created by the Affordable Care Act, and reckless politicians in Washington, D.C. This issue does need to be addressed, and should be done soon, however we must consider the impact this will have on the providers, rural hospitals, the state’s budget, and taxpayers, most importantly.
  5. Where do you stand on school choice?
    Thanks to the leadership we have in Madison, Huntsville, and North Alabama as a whole, our part of the state has some of the best schools in the state. However, some of our neighboring counties, cities, and school districts are struggling to provide adequate education to children who deserve the opportunity to be just as prepared as anyone else to enter the workforce, go to college, or otherwise. I support the idea of school choice, but won’t commit to voting for a bill until I have seen, read, and considered the impact it has on students in District 10. Protecting students, teachers, and parents in District 10 will always be my top priority in the Legislature.

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