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Huntsville police issues warning, instructions for minor wrecks 

HUNTSVILLE – Officials and administrators around the Tennessee Valley continue to remind people to stay home and off the roads unless there is an emergency, especially with emergency resources stretched thin countywide due to increased medical calls and motor vehicle crashes.

With that as a backstory, and with many roads in and around Huntsville impassable, the police department issued a Facebook warning to residents to refrain from attempting to drive on these treacherous routes.

The surge in motor vehicle crashes has overwhelmed emergency resources, leading to a situation where they are unable to respond to every call. Despite ample sunlight Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures remain below freezing so most major and secondary roads remain iced over.

Authorities emphasize that only first responders, essential personnel or individuals with real emergencies should venture out.

On its Facebook page, HPD advises anyone involved in a minor wreck with no injuries and the vehicle is still operable, not to call HPD. Given the challenging conditions, those involved in minor collisions are advised to move their vehicles to a safe area and exchange information with all parties involved.

Meanwhile, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) advises motorists of the threat of “black ice” on north Alabama roadways early Thursday. Black ice is so-called because it is difficult to see on pavement.

Beware ‘black ice’

ALDOT made progress on a number of primary roadways today as sunshine combined with treatments applied by ALDOT crews to turn some of the ice to slush that could be plowed. One or two lanes in each direction of interstates and most major highways with four or more lanes have been plowed.

However, those pavements remain wet in many locations.

“As temperatures drop overnight, any moisture that remains on pavements will refreeze,” ALDOT North Region spokesman Seth Burkett in Huntsville said. “Although some lanes may appear to be clear, there will be potential for invisible hazards.”


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