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Madison Councilman Teddy Powell announces House run

MADISON — City Councilman and longtime Madison resident Teddy Powell said he is running as a Republican in a December special election to fill a vacancy in the Alabama House of Representatives. 

The opening in House District 10 was created by former Rep. David Cole, who resigned following an arrest for voter fraud. Cole admitted to not legally residing in the district.

Powell said his dedication to the community shows a clear path to victory in the primary and general elections. 

“The people of Madison deserve to have their voices heard in Montgomery by a person who they know, respect, and trust,” Powell said. “I’m running for House District 10 with the encouragement of my family, many local friends and neighbors.”

Powell’s career revolves around service to the Department of Defense as a budget analyst and a “long resume” of service to Madison city, which he points out, was ranked as the No. 1 place to live in Alabama in July. 

He said taking a leading role in the city’s rapidly growing population and budget gives him readymade experience for Montgomery. 

“For the past six years I’ve enjoyed focusing on economic development here in Madison that brings jobs and opportunities, investing in our schools and education systems, as well as working to enhance the quality and safety of our infrastructure locally,” Powell said.

“I hope to focus on taking the successes we’ve seen in Madison to Montgomery to increase the quality of life around Alabama for everyone that lives in or visits our state.” 

Qualifying for the party primary closes Tuesday, with the primary election date set for Dec. 12. 

If successful in his primary bid, Powell is sure to face Democratic candidate Marilyn Lands – who was defeated by Cole in the 2022 election. 

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