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McCutcheon stresses infrastructure in first address as Madison County Commission chairman

HUNTSVILLE – When Mac McCutcheon took the chairman’s seat of the Madison County Commission in January, a priority on his agenda was infrastructure for transportation considering the area continues to grow.

True to his word, McCutcheon made it a focal point in what he called a “10-year plan” his office designed.

Madison County Commission Chairman Mac McCutcheon and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle (City of Huntsville, Alabama – Government/Facebook)

Tuesday, he unveiled a 29-project roadwork development map. He later held his first State of the County address at the Von Braun Center’s Saturn Ballroom.

The former Alabama Speaker of the House told a luncheon audience about his vision moving forward, and infrastructure was the centerpiece.

“The infrastructure relating to county roads and water is a top priority,” he said. “While the Metropolitan Planning Organization deals with state and highway infrastructure, we are addressing county roads and intersections. The County Commission, through our engineering department, has implemented the first-ever 10 year plan. It’s a 10-year infrastructure plan.”

The county is trying to stay ahead of the ever-expanding roadway curve in Madison County and outwards, he said.

“Over the years, Madison County has been more reactive instead of being proactive due to the growth and traffic demands,” McCutcheon said. “We have put together a plan for the future. We’ll be addressing connectors, traffic flow and safety issues. There are 29 road projects in this plan.

“Through new budgeting practices, the Madison County Commission will be securing funds to complete this 10-year plan. The total cost is gonna be $101 million. With every subdivision and apartment complex that’s being built, it just adds more vehicles to the road.”

McCutcheon retired from the state Legislature before taking his recent post. He replaced Dale Strong who, after 10 years as county commissioner, was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. McCutcheon said the ultimate goal of the commission will be “quality of life.”

“Your quality of life is the number one focus of your county government,” he said. “For this reason, I have spent my first 10 months, 10 months, I hadn’t even finished my probation period, but I finished my first 10 months on the job visiting departments in the Madison County government system. I have been working with all six county commissioners learning how each commission district functions.”

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