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Off The Record: The latest rumors and rumblings in North Alabama


Chairman coming soon?

The race to see who gets appointed to fill out Congressman Dale Strong’s term as chairman of the Madison County Commission may be coming to a close. It sounds like the applicants will each meet with Gov. Kay Ivey and her staff next week for interviews. Local politicos fall in to one of two camps: Those supporting former Speaker Mac McCutchen or the “Pick-a-Phil” camp that would like to see either of the two current Commissioners Phil Vandiver or Phil Riddick get promoted to the job. Candidates will be appointed by the governor.

Not Publix or Kroger?

Expect some new grocery store announcements in the coming months. It sounds like more than one new to market grocers have been touring the area and looking at sites.  

Never enough

The city of Huntsville has raised some eyebrows with annexations across the Tennessee River and I-65 … we hear they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Stay tuned. 

Whitt says Ardmore rocket stays

State Rep. Andy Whitt reacted quickly to the news that the state was planning to scrap the Saturn rocket that has stood at the Welcome Center on I-65 in Ardmore for years. Apparently, he and other local leaders were not consulted before the announcement. He promises to “fight the fight” to keep the rocket part of North Alabama’s skyline. 

We’ll take ‘Animal Style’

With the recent announcement that In-N-Out Burger is expanding east with a regional headquarters in Franklin, Tenn., Facebook is melting down with pleas to bring the popular chain to North Alabama. It will take a while but expect Huntsville and Madison to pull out all the stops to land the first Alabama location. 

Inaugural insight

Gov. Kay Ivey’s inauguration in Montgomery this past Monday was quite the occasion. There were concerns after the 78-year-old was reportedly unable to complete a sound check. However, Ivey delivered an enlivened speech applauding Alabama, women in leadership, and “Alabama common sense.” The stylist deserves a round of applause as well. Alabama’s governor was the picture of poise and purpose while outlining plans for the next four years.

Mayor wants Scottsboro to be “suit-able” 

Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy wants to buy a dress suit. Specifically he wants to buy one in his city and he uses this as a marker for business development in his community. McCamy lamented that in the 1960s he could buy a suit in six stores in downtown Scottsboro alone.

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