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OTR: Britt ready for prime time? Meds Act fair to consumers? … and more

Off The Record: The latest rumors and rumblings in North Alabama


Live from Montgomery, it’s Sen. Britt!

After her widely discussed rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, U.S. Sen. Katie Britt has been in the spotlight in more ways than one. Last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” opening segment featured Scarlett Johansson impersonating Britt for laughs.  And how did Alabama’s junior senator react to the skit? One Britt insider tells us she understands she will be a target and is taking it in stride. However, he added it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have a world-famous Avenger portraying you. Meanwhile, former President Trump seemed to approve of Britt’s rebuttal, posting she was “GREAT.”  Perhaps this could be another sign we will see a Britt VP pick? 

Down on the ‘pharm’

State Rep. Phillip Rigsby (R-Monrovia) is facing mounting resistance to his pharmacy bill. House Bill 238, also known as the FAIR Meds Act, is opposed by the RSA and the Alliance of Alabama Health-Care Consumers, which includes such organizations as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, BCA and Protective just to name a few. Supporters say the bill will help pharmacists, especially those in rural areas; opponents say the cost will be passed along to consumers. Regardless of who’s right, it’s quite a bold move. Proposing what could be portrayed as a new tax could be viewed as a gift-wrapped present for future political opponents. Perhaps in a race for State Sen. Tom Butler’s coming-available seat

Athens growing pains

The city of Athens, the county seat of the fastest-growing county in the state, is facing the predictable pangs associated with rapid growth. As new developments continue to spring up within the city limits, calls for major upgrades to the Athens water and sewer system are growing louder. The aging system is already under pressure with its 10,600 customers. Already City officials are cautioning developers to meet with Athens Utilities to determine the availability of water and sewer before purchasing land for new projects. There is, of course, a solution: “Build more infrastructure and spend a bunch of money,” according to one insider. Historically speaking, these are not incredibly popular options with the public. 

All signs point to Madison

Wayfinding signs will soon be finding their way to the city of Madison. The first phase will include nearly 30 signs identifying the city’s historic downtown with more signs coming in future phases. Wayfinding is used to foster a sense of community and promote activity within communities. The first signs should be in place about the same time a mural is also taking shape in Alabama’s 10th-largest city.  

Something perking up at Redstone Gateway

Beignets & Brews, based out of Destin, is rumored to be opening soon at Redstone Gateway, just in front of Redstone Arsenal’s Gate 9. Sources say they seek to create a wave by opening even more operations in North Alabama.


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