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OTR – Trans-dimensional portals, map-making, a protest and more…

Off The Record: Latest rumors and rumblings in North Alabama

Beam me up

A world renowned UFOologist (yes, there is such a thing) claims that scientists on Redstone Arsenal have developed “transdimensional systems.” For the uninitiated, transdimensional portals allow communication or transport between dimensions – sort of like Jules Verne meets Dr. Who, with a little Mr. Scott and Doc Brown thrown in. If you wonder why you haven’t heard  about this research, the UFOologist, Dr. Steven Greer, testified in front of a congressional committee that someone who knew about this program was “threatened by a former CIA director.” I guess the scientist wasn’t able to travel through time and avoid the ex-CIA chief.

Map marathon

Maybe more of a sprint actually. State legislators are still in Montgomery this week for a truly special session to redraw Alabama’s congressional districts. As the two finalist map proposals from the majority await a final vote in both chambers – today could shape up to be a long one for all our friends in Montgomery. Once passed, the redrawn maps will head to a joint conference committee where the real action is likely to take place. Sources say the mapmakers are engaged in collaborative fine-tuning conversations to hash out what we’ll all see reflected later today. One thing we can be certain about is for Madison County to remain firmly on Congressional District 5 turf.

Protest plans 

Plans to protest a Moms for Liberty event at the Madison Public Library are underway. The event, which the library is overwhelmingly stressing is not library-sponsored, is part of a nationwide initiative by Brave Books. Those opposed to the SPLC-labeled “extremist” group are reportedly set to take up signs across the street and “hang out” Aug. 5.  

Apartments: Short-lived or sustainable?

Huntsville’s apartment market is betting big on the future of Rocket City. For good reason. Last year HSV gained nearly 500 new residents every month as the number of new apartment units increased by 64.8% – the largest bump in almost 40 years. Current numbers show 65 apartment complexes are under construction right now to provide a total of 14,500 units. At the same time, Indeed.com shows there are 14,077 job listings hiring in Huntsville, with a portion of those jobs not ideal for the $1.1k average monthly rent payment. As new apartment leases slow while construction continues, everyone hopes Huntsville’s overall gains can offset signals of being overbuilt.

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